Complete and modular turn-key geothermal development

GEG’s established proprietary design allows us to have the lowest cost per Megawatt, among the lowest footprint per Megawatt, and the quickest build from design to COD.


GEG POWER ehf. is an Iceland-headquartered geothermal developer building its business on more than a decade of experience in the development and building of geothermal wellhead power plants. The company’s first plant began operations in Kenya in 2011. As of today, GEG Power has built a total of 16 geothermal power plants with a total power generation capacity of 85.6 MW in Kenya and Iceland.

With its unique business model, GEG has developed its approach of delivering turn-key modular geothermal power plants as a complete package from the well, to the connection, to the transmission line. The company is able to design, engineer, and provide the necessary construction work, assembly on site, and commissioning in one package. With this GEG has been able to speed up development and support a faster return on investment, while providing flexibility in a potential build out of the plants.

The company has shifted focus from the delivery of a complete turn-key power plant development package to clients, to a development approach through a joint venture with international partners.


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Green by Iceland Interview with GEG CEO Sigthor Jonsson

03 December 2021 — Green by Iceland, a local platform for the cooperation on climate issues and green solutions,
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GEG Power Receives Approved Renewal of ISO 9001

02 December 2021 — Early last month, GEG Power ehf. underwent an annual audit right here in Reykjavik in
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10 Years in Kenya – The Geothermal Success Story of GEG

10 years in Kenya – the successful implementation of a geothermal wellhead plant strategy and development by GEG ehf.
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