Sustainable Development

GEG is committed to sustainable development and all operations take ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) factors into consideration.  GEG will take all stakeholders into consideration during development and operations, and aims to positively impact the communities in which operations are taking place.

The company’s plant design guarantees the lowest footprint per MW of installed power generation capacity not only in geothermal, but also for other types of renewable energy power generation technologies.

The company’s Board of Directors is responsible for GEG’s sustainability policy and the Executive Director is responsible for its implementation.

GEG conducts activities with the utmost integrity to support the goal of minimizing the company’s ESG impacts and advancing the U.N. (SDGs) Sustainable Development Goals.


GEG considers the following to be the key environmental factors material to the company’s operations and commits to the following for each:

  • GHG Emissions 
  • Land-use, Biodiversity and Invasive Species 
  • Air and water quality 
  • Geothermal Resource Management 

GEG consider the following to be the key social factors material to the company’s operations

  • Occupational & Public Health and Safety 
  • Project-Affected Communities and Livelihoods 
  • Cultural Heritage and Indigenous People 
  • Induced Seismicity and Subsidence 

GEG power is committed to governance oversight with a majority independence of board members and operationalize compliance personnel, stakeholder communication and business ethics.

GEG consider the following to be other key governmental factors material to the company’s operations:

  • Anti-Corruption/Bribery 
  • Asset Reliability and Efficiency 
  • Financial Viability 
  • Labour and Working Conditions 
  • Human Rights 
Download our Sustainability Policy here