Integrated Project Management & Consultancy


GEG provides Integrated Project Management & Consultancy services, greatly supported by our highly experienced and interdisciplinary team of industry experts

What We Offer

GEG offers modular geothermal power plants on a complete turn-key option — including steam system, the modular plant, electrical, control, and protection system. Learn more here. 

GEG’s expert team has the ability to conduct our own geo-surveys in order to fully characterize and assess the geothermal resource. The work performed then allows for GEG to produce reports necessary for the design of a future geothermal system for our partners and clients.

As proven in both our past projects with KenGen in the 15 established geothermal power plants in Kenya, and in the ongoing successful drilling operations in India, GEG has the ability to perform the required drilling to prove a geothermal resource as well as to build a new plant. We are experienced in safe, sustainable geothermal drilling practices and ensure best practices in all of our activities. 

GEG’s team has the know-how and geothermal experience to successfully perform O&M activities as a part of our integrated project management and consultancy services.

GEG performs geothermal feasibility studies per World Bank guidelines, and offers this service in order to help plan and/or finance geothermal projects for our clients. Following a complete feasibility study, GEG collects and presents the necessary information to best determine the financial and technical viability of a geothermal project and its compliance with environmental and social safeguards.

For more information on how to request any of GEG’s Integrated Project Management & Consultancy services, contact us here.