GEG Substations

In combination with the development of our geothermal wellhead power plant products, GEG has also designed and developed main step-up transformer substations and is currently offering the below options:



    SA8 – Mobile Substation 8MVA

  • Platform with an integrated oil sump, with rainwater separation
  • Robust hardware with short assembly time
  • Outdoor panel with all necessary hardware for control and protection
  • Supplied with a double set of hardware for revenue metering

Image: 33/ 11 kV substation 8MVA

    Large Modular Substation 

  • Modular concept — customized with standard components
  • Robust hardware with short assembly time
  • Protection relays and control system located inside an insulated container

Picture: 220/11 kV Substation (80 MVA)

Testing & Commissioning of Substations

All substations manufactured by GEG are tested and commissioned by our highly experienced personnel.