GEG Cooling

Having a consistent source of energy output is crucial for the cooling of sensitive products — such as fresh produce. As the renewable energy source with the highest capacity factor, geothermal clearly comes out on top as the best option for cold storage and air conditioning applications such as these.

Our efforts are a key component of GEG’s commitment to the increased food security and more sustainable livelihoods of communities around the world, and also aligns with our company mission towards environmental sustainability. Read more about our geothermal cooling project in India here in Our Portfolio.

The Problem

The economic viability of exploiting low-enthalpy geothermal systems for power generation is a challenge in many regions. Geothermal energy can provide a direct source of energy, as is required for many processes which utilize direct electric energy from the nearby grid.

One of these processes is cooling, or cold storage. By optimizing the technology and the exploitation of the available resource, a variety of cooling applications can become possible.


Possible uses for geothermal cooling:

Agricultural Storage

Air Conditioning for Buildings and Data Centers

Chillers and Freezers


Our Solution

GEG Power provides both delivery and consultancy service related to resource development & utilization, technology design, and installation. This service is based on the product volume, as well as the total resource potential available. 

Our Key Design Elements:
  • Geothermal resource assessment for cooling applications
  • Cooling load calculation based on product volume
  • Wellbore and pump performance analysis based on cooling load requirement
  • Vapor absorption and heat exchanger assembly design and selection