Modular Approach

Today, GEG is developing geothermal projects with partners around the globe to step earlier into the development cycle. GEG believes there is an urgent need for modular geothermal development which fully considers resource and development risk and responsibility for the environment. 

GEG also envisions opportunities to utilize the geothermal resource beyond just power generation, and is investigating direct use opportunities tied into GEG development efforts. 

  • Scalable from 0.5 to 10 MW per well
  • Components arrive in standard 40′ containers
  • Ease of construction, installed on-site within a matter of weeks
  • Faster power online and earlier revenues
  • Utilize wells outside the reach of traditional plants
  • Mobility / reusability if resource fails or depletes
  • Potential to utilize excess steam from traditional plants
  • Utilize varying well pressures rather than balancing multiple wells