Mission & Vision

Mission and Vision

We aim to provide efficient, expert-level environmentally and socially sustainable integrated geothermal project management and consultancy services. We offer a unique and proven approach on modular development, which uses the smallest land footprint as well as the fastest path to energy generation. We at GEG are also committed to minimizing the impacts of climate change through our projects and in all of our operations. GEG is currently on-target to contribute towards the global energy transition by helping to avoid carbon emissions from fossil fuel power generation.

Company Values

GEG pledges to be Responsible, Efficient, Passionate, and Innovative in all of our work.

GEG considers socio-environmental sustainability to be crucial in any and all company activities and endeavors. We understand that our global projects directly impact local communities and ecosystems alike. GEG strives to contribute positive impacts on both social and environmental conditions within our project areas, and to effectively mitigate any potential negative impacts or project risks.
At GEG we pride ourselves on being resourceful and efficient with how we utilize geothermal resources. Our modular approach has resulted in much faster turn around in terms of both energy generation and return on investment. We are also able to have better management of all aspects of the development process -- meaning a faster project timeline.
We understand the importance of having fun at work, and of enjoying what you do. Above all else, we are endlessly passionate about the industry and the global energy transition, particularly where our know-how and technology may play a part in the transition away from fossil fuels. Our vision of a future in which climate-neutral industry is the norm, and where greenhouse gas emissions from project development are eradicated, drives us forward in all we do at GEG. Beyond the desire to care for the planet, GEG also understands the importance of taking care of the communities and stakeholders we work alongside, as well as our team and partners.
Our modular solution to geothermal development, paired with the influence of our expert team of GEG staff and global partners, means we have achieved a completely innovative way to fully utilize the geothermal resource. We have the experience and technology to completely understand the resource, and to offer these unique, pioneering products and services. This innovation can be seen in our constant exploration of the variety of applications found in the direct use of geothermal energy.