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GEG and KenGen adding 25 MW to the national grid

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Last week, Green Energy Geothermal and KenGen connected the last of additional 5 plants to the national power grid in Kenya. GEG has now built a total of 10 geothermal wellhead power plants with a total installed capacity of 55 MW gross. 

This package 2 of the contract with KenGen includes five geothermal wellhead plants with a capacity of 5 MW each, or 25 MW in power generation capacity in total. The plants were brought online one by one starting with the first one in January 2015 and the last one in May 2015. Package 1 included the installation of four 6.4 MW wellhead plants that have now been operating since 2013/ 2014.

GEG also installed the transformer sub-station to connect the plants to the national power grid for KenGen.

“This achievement is another milestone for Green Energy Geothermal, our team on site and our engineering group. From our pilot plant to the last 5 MW plant that went online last week, we have proven our concept and capabilities to deliver geothermal wellhead power plants and help our customers to bring power online faster. This helps our customers to create revenue from operations much earlier than in conventional large scale developments. We continue our path with the development of 5 additional plants for KenGen and are in negotiations for additional projects in Africa and Asia.”, says Terje Laugerud, CEO of Green Energy Geothermal.

Geothermal wellhead plants allow for faster deployment and early power generation from geothermal wells drilled. KenGen has announced that it plans to continue the deployment of geothermal wellhead plants to help speed up development of its ambitious geothermal development program. 

In the summer of 2014, KenGen ordered an additional five 5 MWe wellhead units from Green Energy Geothermal. Work has started on the first three plants and preparations are under way for the other two. It is expected that the first plant will be operational at the end of August 2015 and the last plant in the spring of 2016.