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Small scale development could jumpstart development in Africa

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A recent interview with Amanda Lonsdale, Institutional and Commercial Development Advisor, East Africa Geothermal Energy Facility (EAGER) for the British Department for International Development (DFID) provides a great insight into geothermal development in East Africa.

With a 15 year career in the geothermal sector and extensive experience on international development, project finance, private activity and emerging markets, she has also a great experience in the geothermal sector first for GeoGlobal energy and later for the Power Africa initiative.

In her interview with the organizers of the East Africa Power Industry Convention, she talks about her vision for the geothermal sector in Africa, which very much resonates with the strategy of GEG.

Asked about her vision for the geothermal sector, she describes that should “jumpstart geothermal development in the region through a series of smaller projects that can be quickly developed and financed to show early success to governments and developers, increase interest and investment in further development. Geothermal does not benefit from economies of scale as much as other resources, so any efficiencies lost from not building larger plants could easily be offset through a faster development cycle, and through the benefits of demonstrated success in the sector.”

Not more to add.

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