Research & Development

GEG's R&D Road Map

Our company strategy currently includes an emphasis on Research & Development for current and future geothermal projects, including our ongoing projects in Africa, Latin America, Central Europe, and India.

Research Projects

GEG also employs a team of Research Assistants, all professional geologists from a local university (Háskólinn í Reykjavík), who are completing their final theses. 

Each of their MSc. projects are connected to our ongoing and potential GEG projects:

Project Title – Technical, Economic, Social, and Environmental Assessment of Geothermal Resources in Chile
Aim – Identify the most favourable systems within the country, by creating a methodology that can be universally applied to comprehensively assess geothermal resources
Researcher – Alfonso Alarcón



Project Title – Geothermal Energy Utilization with a Value-Added Lithium Extraction Component
Aim – Create a numerical model to estimate the overall unit cost of geothermal resource exploitation for energy & lithium extraction
Researcher –  Jennifer Jolliffe



Project Title – Re-purposing Oil and Gas Wells for Geothermal Energy Use in Ecuador
Aim – Create a thermo-economical model in order to investigate the potential “products” available from re-purposing oil & gas wells for geothermal, such as power generation and/or direct use applications
Researcher – Laura Constanza Bocanegra Rodríguez