Research & Development


Our company strategy currently includes an emphasis on Research & Development for current and future geothermal projects, including our ongoing projects in Africa, South America, Central Europe, and India.

Research Projects

GEG also employs a team of professional geologists from Reykjavik University (Háskólinn í Reykjavík), a local university here in Iceland, who are completing their final Master’s theses. 

Each of their MSc. projects are connected to our ongoing and potential GEG projects. Learn more about their research below.

Project Title – Technical, Economic, Social, and Environmental Assessment of Geothermal Resources in Chile
Aim – Identify the most favourable systems within the country, by creating a methodology that can be universally applied to comprehensively assess geothermal resources
Researcher – Alfonso Mohor



Project Title – Geothermal Energy Utilization with a Value-Added Lithium Extraction Component
Aim – Create a numerical model to estimate the overall unit cost of geothermal resource exploitation for energy & lithium extraction
Researcher –  Jennifer Jolliffe



Project Title – Re-purposing Oil and Gas Wells for Geothermal Energy Use in Ecuador

Aim – Create a thermo-economical model in order to investigate the potential “products” available from re-purposing oil & gas wells for geothermal, such as power generation and/or direct use applications

Researcher – Laura Bocanegra