Mission, Vision & Values

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to become a fully-integrated leading global geothermal resource developer in offering a unique and proven approach on modular development with the smallest land footprint and fastest path to energy generation, while building and fully utilizing a geographically balanced portfolio of geothermal assets globally. We are also on target to contribute to the global energy transition by helping to avoid carbon emissions from fossil fuel power generation.


We are Modular

By responsibly managing risks for our customers or for our own development through a modular approach to geothermal resource development. We believe our modular approach answers some key concerns regarding development and social acceptance.

We are Fast

By providing a vertically integrated single package approach that helps us to better control all aspects in the development of projects — crucial to faster project development.

We Have Respect

By understanding that our projects may affect the livelihoods of people and the natural environment, we are able to take a sustainable approach to our development. We strive to keep land use to a minimum by employing our modular approach, which has the lowest footprint per MW installed. We are driven by a general respect of the local environment of each project, and strive to meet the needs of the present without compromising future needs. 

We Partner

By focusing on creating strategic partnerships with companies and stakeholders that share our values and work in an environment of trust with an aligned long-term vision. We see partnerships as crucial to achieve.

We Have Fun

By understanding that it is crucial to have fun in what you are doing. We are passionate about the industry and in supporting the global energy transition. But, we also understand the importance of taking care of our team and partners, as well as being friendly and outgoing with our wider stakeholders to ensure the sustainability and success of our company.