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GEG concludes installation of 15 geothermal wellhead plants in Kenya

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During a commissioning ceremony at Olkaria in Kenya, Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta highlighted the importance of wellhead plants in speeding up geothermal power plant development in Kenya.

GEG handed over the first geothermal wellhead plant to KenGen in November 2013 and has since brought an additional 14 plants online, with the latest being handed over in September 2016.

Offering two different designs, GEG is able to offer a single- and twin-turbine set-up. Following the designing and construction of the pilot plant built in 2012, GEG since adapted the design which can now be found in the 14 plants built since then.

Of the 14 plants built, four plants feature a twin-turbine set-up with an installed capacity of 6.4 MW each, while 10 units built have an installed capacity of 5 MW.

One of the set-up actually features two 6.4 MW plants and three 5 MW plants on one large well-pad with a combined generation capacity of 27.8 MW.

In conjunction with the delivery of the plants, GEG developed mobile and modular substations to help KenGen bring the plants online quickly. As of today, GEG has delivered 6 substations to KenGen, two modular substations and four mobile substations. Two of the mobile substations are portable and are currently parked